Best Transportation Management Apps for Android

July 14th, 2022
Best Transportation Management Apps for Android

Transportation management apps or transportation management software is a great means in present times for people. It is one of the great sources which helps to have a look into everyday transportation activities, trade fulfillment information, required documentation and making sure that the goods and freights and delivered on time and in a right manner.

Transportation management mobile apps are best created by professionals who are into software development and artificial intelligence. These apps are created by them for the people who have imports, export and these kinds of business where transportation of goods that are to and fro movement is along. Usually, all the factories make use of these apps to keep a check on the good and complete the moving process.

These apps can also be regarded as employee self-service mobile app where the employee does not require any other person to know about the details of the freight rather they could open the app and check all the details. So given below are the best transportation management apps for android.


Fretron is one of the amazing employee timesheet apps which is an aid to the shippers, fleet owners, and logistics businesses of all kinds to reorganize order preparation, post-management, shipment portion, yard management, and such other things. Fretron is a great source that is an aid to check out on the functioning, accounts daily transactions, expenditure related to fuel, the safety of unused and moving fleets on a joined gateway.

This app is one great source that provides employees with a lot of options to know about the movement of the goods. From fleet management, logistics to tracking of shipments and transportation management everything can be done via it. It is supported by the web also to make this app more convenient for people it has options such as chat, phone assistance and email query.

For people to learn about the app, the company provides training options via live online, webinar in person, documentation and so on. It has an option of a free trial for the people to understand it in a better way.


When one is looking for the best fleet management software solution than choosing out Fleetable is the right choice. This app is a cloud-based fleet and moving management software that is created to provide aid to businesses in handling compliance regeneration, record, cargo, accounts transactions, invoicing, and customer aid among all kinds of processes.

The system lets customers know about their consignments which are there on a dashboard. It is one of the best employee scheduling apps which provides end to end solutions and makes sure the business reaches the next level. From small, medium, large or freelancers, this app can be used by all. This app is suitable for the web and android. Just like Fretron for this app also training is available which could be done via webinar, live online session or in-person assistance. The app creators have other support means also such as providing FAQ’s, email assistance, phone help, chat and so on.

For this application, there is the availability of free plans, trials and then subscription which could be chosen as per the requirement. This app is regarded as a value for money and is given five-star rating.


ShipStation is one of the best apps which aids for ecommerce sellers to effortlessly combine orders from numerous sales channels such as eBay, Amazon and many more and then complete the orders by going for various kinds of shipping carriers and completion providers. As this app comes with the automation feature, this app is a great one that would help you save time and fulfill all commitments.

All orders and shipments could be easily tracked by going for this app. It is the best way to stay noticed about your shipments without putting up extra people at work. The app is given a 4.7 rating which shows it’s great enough to use. The price of this app is $9 per month and it is a comfortable one that can be used by freelancers, small enterprises, medium businesses and large business houses as well.

This app is mostly used for inventory management, workflow management, data import and export. There are free plans also available to get trials for usage.

vWork App

 vWork app is not a usual app that serves on the same ground as others but it is a job scheduling and dispatch software that is made especially for the field workers. It is a great aid that makes the team members more proficient and helps them to make their customer experience a great one.

This app helps people to assign more jobs in the most efficient manner plus helps the field workers be acquainted with where and when each job is listed. This app is quite an easy and simple one to use and it’s the best kind that helps the customers stay informed. It is also one of the best employee communication apps.


Another mind-blowing app that would be a great assistance for the business is eLogii. It is one of the most amazing means that embrace transportation competence, and mechanically runs multiple drivers, vehicles, fleets, and pickup locations when goods are being sent to customers.  It is one of the most preferred apps and the reason for the same is that eLogii can be modified as per the transportation needs as their custom features could be added along with seamless integration.

It is one fine way which has no compromise on efficiency of delivering rather it cuts down the cost for the business. From route planning to optimization everything could be achieved via this single source. This app is on the expensive side and to use it one needs to pay $159 per month. It is suitable for all kinds that are freelancers and all types of businesses. This app can be used on the Web, Android, iPhone as well as iPads. Certain supports are offered to help people understand the app. They are a live chat facility, email queries, videos, documentation, and phone support and so on.

However, before you spend this amount there is an option of a free trial available for the people to use the app and understand its working. It is given a 4.8 rating in terms of the utility of money and a 4.7 rating in terms of functionality.


When you want to make maximum use in regards to fleet utilization that too at the lowest cost than going for Pulpo should be the first choice. It is an aid to automate the Excel sheets and authorize data-driven decision-making to make the most of the everyday activities of the fleet.

When we look out for the employee timesheet app, this app is also used by people. Pulpo is one of the finest apps which are about improving staff efficiency and making them quicker in all kinds of aspects. This app can be purchased for use at $5 per month.

This app is compatible be used for android, iPad, iPhone and Web. You can also ask for training which is done via live sessions and online means. It is commonly used for fleet and fuel management. In terms of value for money, it is given a 4.7 star rating.


Zaui is a reservation and management software particularly designed to provide growth to the tourism companies. It is specially created for transportation, travel around, activity and leasing companies. In the list of longest-standing reservation systems, Zaui is number one and it is used for creating the most pioneering web-based tools in the business.

To get full control in business management such as going for an activity to price setups to resources or any aspect, Zaui can be brought into the picture for fulfillment of needs. The tourism industry is taking a lot of advantage in getting clientele by using this app. This app is for business houses so not good for freelancers. This app has support options such as 24/7 chat assistance, FAQ’s Email, Chats, Phone Support, and Help Desk etc.

It can be used on the Web and Android. To know about the app there are training options also available such as via webinar, live training, documentation and videos. The app is free to use and you don’t even have to give your credit card details for the further subscription process.

Dossier Fleet Management software

Dossier Fleet Management software is one of the finest apps which could be used by the transportation managers to take care and control their vehicle fleets. This app begins with a pricing of $1500 per month for usage. For all kinds of business houses that are small, medium and large this app could readily be used. Taking about foodservice distribution, fleet management, freight, trucking or fleet maintenance this app can opt for all of it.

What makes this app special is the live dashboard offered by it which is used for knowing about fuel consumption and certain another kind of costs. It has compliance management and mobile access which makes it all the greatest.


These are some of the best apps which could be used for transportation management on android. However for creating an app of one’s own kind for logistic one need to hire professionals, study the functionality of other apps and then go for further processing.

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