Accelerate your Employee Transit solutions with our state of the art Tracking solution. With an easy to use user interface, our solutions compromises all leading features ensuring safe travel experiences for your employees. Our tracking solution is able to optimize the vehicle capacity and obtain the shortest route for the trip.



Real Time Tracking

Powered with real time tracking you can track and view the real time location of the assigned vehicle on a graphical map with precise ETA information.

Trip Details

You can easily view the trip details such as the vehicle number, driver profile, specified route, Pick up/Drop off points etc., via our app.


This feature helps the employees to directly contact the assigned corporate transport help desk in-case of any inquiries or disputes.


Employees will receive instant alerts based upon the upcoming trip on a timely basis via push notifications or SMS.

Passenger Check-In

Our application is powered with a safety feature for a transparent and secure trip, after entering the vehicle employees can verify that they have checked in via the app.


With this app, you will be able to receive important messages sent by the authorities. Authorities can send voice messages to employees via the app regarding any concerns.


Beneficial it is for Employees?


Employee Transport Management Apps


Asked Questions

Will the Company Management have access to control the system?

Yes. It is possible for the company management to have access if the transport manager creates such a user role with specific access rights.

Is it possible for Company to get notification?

Yes, the company representative can access the web portal any time and check the notifications. Employees would be getting notified on their phone through their Employee App.

Can I use this software if I am providing vehicles for multiple companies?

Definitely. Employee Transport mangement system has been created with inputs from actual corporate transport providers. We acknowledge that handling multiple companies is a prime requirement for you as transport provider and the system has been developed accordingly. You can maintain separate profiles for each company, identify employees by their company and manage their pick-up and drop points, and more.

How do you collect Employee details including pickup and drop, routes, trips, etc?

As the transport provider, you would be required to create accounts for each company and add details such as routes, stops, vehicles etc. The company representative will have to fill in all employee details which are required for the system to function properly.


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