Transporting employees is a challenging task that requires careful planning, quick action and regular analysis. Managing it manually is a hectic task that requires you to worry frequently about

  1. Employee safety and security
  2. Non-optimized fleet operation
  1. Managing
  2. Manual coordination errors
Why take the additional burden?

experience technological advancement, enjoy convenience and savings.

How It   Helps?

How It Helps?


Track entire fleet and optimise trip planning and generate reports through our software


Track the vehicle and get instant notifications regarding vehicle coming. Employees can change or switch their location with zero effort


View the entire trip manifest and turn by turn navigation so that they don't need to memorize the pickup/drop points

What makes us   Exceptional

Multiple Shift Management system

Al features

80+ reports

Trip Booking

Multiple shift   Management

  1. Set default Shift rules for your company
  2. Enable multiple shifts for selected employees
  3. Set custom shift rules for selected employees as required

Control different
shift factors(for both default and custom)

Web App   ScreenShot

Reports   Generation


Our system offers more than 80 reports on both operational and user based data which allows better insights into how your business runs. These reports will help you to analyse the performance and take necessary actions accordingly. They are categorized as follows

Operational Reports

  1. Daily/weekly/monthls running Reports
  2. Tracking Reports
  3. Trip Reports
  4. Stop Reports
  5. Maintenance Reports
  6. Historical Movement Reports

User Based Reports

  1. User Activity Reports
  2. Employee Reports
  3. Employee Attendance Reports
  4. Availability Calenda $ Duty Roaster
  5. Driver Behavior Reports

Trip Booking   Add On

Our  Features

Live Trip Statistics

  1. Employees in each vehicle
  2. Employees attendance
  3. Vehicle trip, driver details
  4. complete trip manifest

Easy Data Upload

  1. Existing system integration
  2. Upload as excel
  3. Employees registration

Expense Record

  1. Spare parts & accessories
  2. Fuel, maintenance costs

Add-on Feature

  1. Trip booking for employees

Access Rights Management

Quick & Easy Implementation

Customer   On-boarding

Process   Flow

Frequently   Asked Questions

  1. Do you provide fleet management activity reports, and can we download them?

    Yes, we provide 80+ reports which you can download at your own convenience. They offer insights into various fleet management activities, and help you with continuous improvement.

  2. Is there a limitation on the number of vehicles that can be monitored?

    No. You can monitor any number of vehicles as per your requirements.

  3. How is employee transportation security ensured?

    Employees have the ability to track their vehicle from employee app. Also, for female employees there is special consideration when routing. The software ensures they are not the last to leave and first to board on any route. Along with that, there is a panic button on the app for emergencies, to send message to emergency contact list.

    To ensure safety at drop points, ETA is shared with employee and guardian/parent so that waiting period at vulnerable locations is avoided.

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