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Ensure Employee safety and better Fleet management with Employee transport management Transport Manager App, you can easily manage hectic tasks and take quick action by planning and regular analysis of our transport manger app.



User management

With Employee Transport Management Transport manager app you can view and edit vehicle assistant details in the mobile app easily to optimize their workload and increase profitability.

Shift management

Our software can help Transport Managers to check and edit the shift timing of all trip running shift so that all the trip timing associated with that shift will run smoothly as implemented.

Efficient Management

With our app you can effectively track the vehicles current status(whether it’s running, parked, idling or untracked), monitor your fleet and list out the trips which are currently in queue so that everything is running smoothly.

Enhanced Communication

Our Transport Manager App can establishes an effective communication channel through messages, direct call, announcements allowing you to pass on important information about the trip instantly.

Multilingual Software

Our software is powered with multi language option which supports languages like english, spanish, arabic, portugese to overcome the hurdle concerning language barriers.

Tracking Device Health Monitor

Our tracking software is equipped to give you instant device health stats which includes battery level, GPS quality, panic alarm status etc.


Beneficial it is for Transport Manager?


Employee Transport Management Apps


Asked Questions

I provide Vehicle service for multiple companies. Can I manage multiple companies at the same time?

Yes, our system supports multiple accounts which can be supervised from a single point. You can add/create trips based on pick up/drop points which suits your company needs.

How much time will it take to implement the tracking system?

Account creation will take about 5 minutes, but the implementation takes place in three stages.

  1.  Data Collection
  2. Hardware ordering and arrival
  3. Configuration and installation

Once the hardware has reached your location then the process is simple. So generally it would take about 30 day to implement the vehicle tracking system.

How can we administrate emergency situations like accidents and Vehicle break downs?

The Transport Manager can create an instant trip in such cases to avoid trip delays. The instant trip can be created with the availability of driver and vehicle and adding the incident point as the end location. So the delayed trip can continue as soon as the spare vehicle reaches the incident point.

Can we view all the updates and operation of our fleet on big screens like a control room?

Yes, with our special feature called the “Command center” you can monitor your fleet actions via monitors and ensure safe driving practices, reduce costs and optimize trips.


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